Raccoons in Attic Removal

Peter recently performed an inspection for strange noises in Columbia. The homeowners heard scurrying and running in their attic. Sometimes at night they could hear growling and hissing. Peter quickly identified the culprit!

Raccoon Breeding Season in Missouri

Mother raccoons are preparing themselves for the birthing season; don’t let your home become their nursery! Raccoons typically give birth to one litter of three to five kits in April and May. Raccoon breeding season in Missouri takes place in January to March.

A mother raccoon will use available material in your attic to create a den for her young. She will tear up and soil insulation. If the damage is extreme enough, a whole attic restoration might be necessary. We safely removed this raccoon from your attic before she had a chance to build her nest.

A racoon hiding in an attic

Raccoon Trapping 

If you’re hearing things that go bump in the night, we can get (and keep!) your attic raccoon-free, and repair the damage they cause. Raccoon traps are the most common way we remove raccoons in Columbia, MO. Occassionally, Peter has performed a direct capture. 

Raccoon Exclusions

A man fixes a roof to exclude raccoons

After we get rid of all raccoons from you attic, we repair the raccoon entry points. We exclude the raccoons to make sure no raccoon can return. Not only do we seal the current entry point, we can also identify potential weak spots. Installing additional exclusions to potential entry points provides the most raccoon protection possible.