Bat Removal in Columbia, MO

In Central Missouri, bats create maternity colonies during the summer months. Bats roost together to give birth. During this time, the juveniles (pups) cannot fly.

During a bat inspection, Peter was able to capture a picture of this little guy trying to rest below an overhang. Bats can squeeze themselves into the smallest of spaces, and because of that, you won’t always find them hanging out in the rafters.

A bat being held in a gloved hand

Depending on the species, bats will either migrate or hibernate during the winter. Bats will start hibernating when the temperature consistently drops below 35-40° Fahrenheit. If you have bats, they are likely hibernating in your attic. We can start bat removal by sealing up the majority of the bat entry points in your house. We do not wnat to arouse or evict the bats too soon. If the bats leave and cannot return to their hibernaculum, they will freeze to death. 

It is important to start bat removal after hibernation but before breeding season. Once pups are present, we cannot remove the bats until the bats can fly (typically in September).

Bat Evictions

The most humane (and legal) way to get rid of bats from your Columbia home is to let the bat evict themselves. It is illegal to exterminte bats. The process is delicate and requires great attention to detail in order to safely remove the bats and properly seal things up so they can’t find a new way back in. Bats cannot create their own entry point, but they can squeeze through a hole as small as a dime.