Squirrel Removal in Columbia, MO

The eastern grey and fox squirrels are the most popular species in Columbia, Missouri. For both species, their natural habitats are in wooden areas nesting high in trees between branches. Squirrels are commonly found in the area in attics, chimneys, and eaves around the home. They are most active in the spring and fall when they search for shelter and food.

Squirrels navigate their way through treetops seamlessly, so the pests have no problem climbing onto roofs, into soffits, or inside chimneys. 

Squirrels in Chimneys

While squirrels rarely infest chimneys themselves, the pests may nest in metal chimney boxes. If a squirrel falls down a chimney and becomes trapped inside the fireplace, homeowners may be alerted to their presence via various sounds, smells, sights. Residents may hear chittering, fighting, or scratching at all hours of the day, smell squirrel droppings, and even see the pests running loose inside the home.

How Not to Get Rid of Squirrels from Your Chimney

If you noticed a squirrel in your chimney, do not smoke it out! Rarely a squirrel will fall into your fireplace. Do not open your fireplace! Catching a squirrel with a net or a pole is incredible difficult. The animal is quick and elusive.

Squirrel Removal from Chimney 

Recently a homeowner noticed strange squeaking sounds in their fireplace. They were hearing squirrel sounds. We closed the flue and blocked some of the gaps in the chimney. We installed two excluder traps at the top of the chimney. Once the squirrels evicted themselves, we removed the squirrel traps and sealed the holes. We also installed a new chimney cap.