Premier Mole Control in Columbia, MO

Mole coming out of a hole in the ground

Moles can be a year round pest, but they are most active from March until November. At Critter Control of Central Missouri, we offer an effective long-term mole control program for your property. Moles are territorial. Once all moles are trapped and removed, your property is an open territory for moles.  

Identify a Mole Problem in Columbia, Missouri

a child watches a critter control technician evict a mole

Because moles stay underground, correctly identifying their holes is one of the best ways to differentiate them. Molehills appear volcano-shaped in profile, with a hard-to-spot hole situated in the middle. These mole mounds are typically 2 inches in diameter. Their burrows feature one main entrance hole and up to four other exits, usually located near trees, walls, or fences. Each opening is between 10 and 12 inches in diameter.

Mole Damage in Columbia, MO

Moles typically go unnoticed until runaways or mounds are spotted in the yard. Over time, moles disturb grass and plant roots, stunting vegetative growth. Primarily carnivores that feast on earthworms, grubs, and other dangerous insect invaders. Their tunnels cause damage to lawns, gardens, golf courses, and pastures. Mole activity can turn grasses unsightly shades of brown and even prevent planted vegetation from becoming securely rooted into place.

Mole Control

Because moles are predominantly underground creatures, eliminating them is tricky and best left to professionals. Attempting to control either species can be time-consuming and expensive. You must identify the main tunnel, use proper bait for the traps, and check them often! It is not feasible to exclude these animals from an entire yard, but we can protect gardens and landscaping. 

Mole Maintanence

Moles are territorial. After Critter Control traps all the moles, your yard is now an open territory. While we can install exclusion devices around certain parts of your yard, there is no way to protect your yard from future mole problems. 

At Critter Control of Central Missouri, we offer an affordable, recurring service for mole control. We will visit your property twice a month to check for mole activity. Once we spot it, we set up traps and get rid of the moles before they become a huge problem. Get maximum protection and bundle our services. You can bundle your mole maintance program with our other pest animal control like woodpeckers and rodents.