How to Get Raccoons Out of Your Home


Trapping and Removal 

Cage traps are the most effective and humane way to remove a raccoon. Direct capture is not commonly used because raccoons are a rabies vector species. If legal, a healthy trapped raccoon will be relocated with written permission. When babies are removed from an attic, our wildlife specialists seek help from a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Identify Entry Points

In residential neighborhoods, raccoons create dens in chimneys, attics, and basements of manmade buildings, as well as under porches and sheds in yards. The pests enter homes and sheds through cracks in building foundations and invade lawns. Additionally, raccoons may enlarge existing holes or rip siding off exterior walls to make their way indoors.

Repair Damage Caused by Raccoons to Houses

Once infestations of raccoons in houses have been established, the animals are easy to detect. Outdoors, they uproot plants in gardens, rip up paneling, tear through screens, and may even remove chimney covers in their quest for food and shelter.

Raccoons also scratch up fences, trees, and buildings, as well as root through garbage bins and leave trash strewn about lawns.

Furthermore, they commonly set up latrines in close proximity to their den sites. The pests are notorious carriers of rabies, distemper, and roundworm. As these illnesses are spread through contact with raccoons or exposure to their waste, residents of infested homes are at risk of contracting these diseases.

Prevention & Exclusion Methodschimney cap screen

Since raccoons are drawn to residential neighborhoods by the availability of food, limiting their access to favorite foodstuffs can reduce the possibility of attracting the pests. Getting fitted lids that lock onto trash bins discourages raccoon foraging. Additionally, property owners should bring garbage cans inside garages overnight. To further deter the presence of raccoons in the house, individuals should install covers on chimneys (like the one in the image below) and regularly monitor building exteriors for holes that may invite raccoons inside.

Removal from Homes

Since raccoons are aggressive when they feel threatened and carry several harmful diseases, individuals should contact trained professionals to deal with raccoons in homes. Our specialists possess the tools and understanding to deal with the often temperamental animals safely and humanely.

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