Do Raccoons Live in Trees?

Yes! Tree hollows are actually some of raccoons favorite denning sites as they provide shelter from predators and the elements, so property owners may see adults climbing trunks to their nests. Since they have sharp claws, raccoons in trees mark up the bark as they climb. Finally, individuals might be alerted to infestations of the pest by the presence of raccoon latrines in yards.

Do you have raccoons in trees?

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Dangers & Health Risks

Though raccoons may appear cute and playful, they are wild animals capable of causing a lot of destruction in residential neighborhoods. The pests are known carriers of rabies, raccoon roundworm, and giardia. On top of spreading diseases, raccoons may venture inside to ransack pantries. Furthermore, infestations of raccoons in trees may seek additional shelter inside homes unless they are removed from properties in a timely manner.

How do I get rid of raccoons in my trees?

There are several steps to prevent raccoons in trees. Eliminate possible sources of food and water by getting tightly fitted lids for trash cans, bringing pet food indoors overnight, and covering birdfeeders. Trimming branches also deters the pest by making ornamental lawn trees less desirable denning sites.

If an infestation of raccoons in trees is already present, property owners should call wildlife removal experts.

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