Where Are Weasel Holes Found?

Weasels live in holes near water sources and areas with significant insect and small rodent populations. They also show up near bird nesting sites, as weasels often steal and eat eggs. In residential areas, the pests den near sheds, patios, and home foundations.

What Do Weasel Holes Look Like?

While these animals can den in tree trunks or debris piles, they often dig weasel holes to better suit their needs. Underground burrows can be up to 10 feet long with two entrances near the surface. These hideouts are located among tall grass and thick undergrowth.

What Is the Purpose of a Weasel Hole?

Weasels use their dens for sleeping, escaping the elements, and storing food. A weasel hole may also house litters of four to five kits, which arrive in late spring. The pests are active year-round and may take shelter during winter storms, but they do not hibernate.


Weasel holes can be expensive to repair and often ruin the appearance of lawns. Stepping in these dens can cause foot or ankle injuries. The burrows also attract other animals, like snakes, that seek out warmth and shelter. In addition, a weasel hole often has a strong odor due to the animals’ powerful scent glands.

Solving Problems

To deter weasels, remove bird feeders and control rodents around the property. Keep grass neatly trimmed and clean up brush or clutter that may attract the pests. When weasel holes become a problem, call Critter Control for humane and effective wildlife control.

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