Look Out for Weasel Tracks

Perhaps the earliest signs of a weasel in the area are the footprints they leave behind. Because these pests are most active in the early mornings and evenings, checking for tracks is easiest during the day. It’s important to know just what to look for to correctly identify weasel tracks.

What Do Weasel Footprints Look Like?

Because of their small size, it’s easy to identify these pests’ distinct tracks. A weasel footprint has five clawed toes surrounding a V-shaped paw pad. Weasel tracks often wander a bit, as the pests go from one rodent den to the next in search of food and stop frequently to look for danger.

Weasel Removal

Weasels can cause immense damage to chicken coops. A single hungry weasel often takes multiple birds. Whatever it can’t eat, the pest drags back to a storage area near its den. In addition to the monetary losses, dead poultry can produce unpleasant odors and attract insect pests. A frightened weasel may also become hostile towards people and pets.

To prevent injury or the loss of valuable livestock, homeowners who locate weasel tracks on the property should seek professional advice. Critter Control wildlife experts are equipped to identify and handle weasel problems.

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