What’s the Problem With Weasels?

Weasels are small mammals with long bodies and short legs. The pests live throughout North America, especially in habitats with plenty of water, shelter, and rodent prey. This makes farms an ideal home. People who encounter this pest often have problems with weasels in chicken coops.

Weasel Diet

Although they mainly feed on rats and insects, weasels will consume almost any meat available. Because of their high metabolism, the pests need to eat almost half of their body weight every day to survive.

Do Weasels Eat Chickens?

These predators sometimes raid poultry coops with easy entry. Once inside, weasels may eat chickens, chicks, or eggs. In fact, they sometimes hunt more prey than they can consume at once, so weasels may store extra food near their dens. This separates them from raccoons, which tend to leave uneaten chickens in coops.

Weasels and Chickens

When a weasel enters a poultry house, it may attack an entire flock of chickens. The pest usually bites on the neck or around the head and then drags its prey away. People may find their chickens with neck injuries or missing upon checking the coop.

Preventing Weasels in Chicken Coops

Because they typically target coops that are easy to get into, modifying fences is the easiest way to prevent weasel and chicken problems. Cover any gaps with heavy materials. Excellent at climbing and digging, weasels have flexible bodies that can fit through any hole larger than an inch in diameter.

Residents who notice signs of weasels in chicken coops can contact Critter Control for help. These specialists have the tools and knowledge to remove the pests efficiently and keep poultry safe.

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