Do Weasels Hibernate in Winter?

Able to adapt to changes in temperature, weasels can live in many different habitats and climates. While weasels do not hibernate, they burn energy quickly and must eat large amounts of food. To survive, the pests hunt for more prey than they can eat and store the surplus near their burrows. This gives them easy access to food in cold weather.

When the daylight hours change, some types of weasels also change their coats to turn completely white. This allows them to blend into a wintery environment and sneak up on rodents and other prey.

Weasel Problems

Since weasels do not hibernate in winter, homeowners can have problems with these pests throughout the year. The animals cause serious damage when they get into chicken coops, as they will injure and eat poultry. Weasels also make their way into garages for shelter from predators and the weather.

Getting Rid of Weasels

Weasel control begins with closing any entry points the pests can use to invade chicken coops or buildings. Barriers made out of strong wire mesh usually work to exclude them. Be sure to keep garages and doors closed as well.

Because weasels do not hibernate, problems with these pests will not decrease or go away when cold weather hits. Critter Control technicians have the training and experience to remove weasels and create a plan to protect homes year-round.

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