Why is There a Starling in the Attic?

A starling in the attic is usually the result of uncovered vents or openings in the exterior of a home. Starlings prefer to roost in tree cavities or small crevices but will choose an attic if these natural habitats are not available.

If there is a nest present, the starling in the attic is most likely male. They build these roosts in order to attract females during mating season. During this time, the birds are often territorial and hostile if cornered.

Dangerous Roosts

Nesting starlings in the attic pose a serious health risk. The birds can transmit histoplasmosis, a fungal disease. Over time, mold grows in the droppings beneath starling roosts. Airborne spores can spread through the house and cause infection.

Homeowners should not try to remove starlings from an attic. Not only is there a risk of disease and injury, but removing an adult bird may also leave behind nestlings that cannot fend for themselves. Contact Critter Control to handle problems with starlings in the attic safely and humanely.

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