Starling Audio

Thought you heard a starling? Listen to an audio recording (mp3 file) of starling noises and sounds.

Stocky and black in color, starlings are an aggressive species of bird that travel in large groups. They tend to live in close proximity to people and may build nests in vents, gutters, garages, attics, and barns. Starlings get indoors through cracks or openings in home exteriors and provoke residents with their loud songs and calls.

Starling Sounds

Starlings produce a variety of calls and songs. The birds make purring, rattling, screaming, chattering, chirping, and trilling sounds. Uniquely, they are also talented mimics and can copy the calls of about 20 other types of birds. Starlings use their songs, whistles, warbles, and whirrs to attract mates. When in groups, the noise they make is extremely loud.

Prevention & Removal

Most homeowners are annoyed by the presence of starlings because of their volume and aggression toward other birds. People can prevent these birds from getting inside homes by sealing all openings that allow passage into buildings. For further assistance or the removal of infestations, contact the experts at Critter Control.

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