Where Are Starling Droppings Found?

Starlings are pest birds that thrive in cities, farms, and fields across North America. These birds annoy gardeners and may even damage homes, but starling poop can be far more dangerous.

Starling Droppings & Disease

These pests often nest in large flocks near homes and buildings. As a result, vast amounts of starling droppings collect below their roosts. When this waste pollutes the ground under the nests, mold and microbes develop quickly.

Histoplasmosis is a fungus that grows in soil affected by starling poop. Inhaling airborne spores causes infection, which gets worse with long exposure. This illness targets the lungs and is often serious for those with immune disorders.

Starling Control

Homeowners can modify nesting sites to keep starling droppings from accumulating. Place wooden or metal coverings over building ledges and cover plants with netting to deter the pests. If problems persist, Critter Control can help with the prevention and exclusion of starlings.

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