Starlings as Songbirds

Starlings thrive in many different habitats across the country and prefer to be close to the resources people provide. The pests are songbirds and nest in cavities within trees or near buildings. Homeowners often hear starlings sing, call, and chirp around nesting sites.

Do Starlings Sing to Find a Mate?

Male birds do call to females flying by a nest in spring, but starlings sing in all seasons and not just to find a mate. These birds also mimic the calls of other animals like eagles or raptors. Some can even imitate the sounds of cats and engines.

Starlings and Humans

Starlings are a nuisance because they often flock in large numbers near people. With hundreds or thousands of these pests in a single area, the volume and repetition of starling noises may disturb people who live close to their nests.

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