How to Get Raccoons Out of Garbage Cans

Raccoons are agile and clever animals that like to break into trash bins for food using any means necessary. They are able to tip over smaller garbage cans and spill the contents on the ground or undo loose-fitting latches and lift unsecured lids to reach inside and pull out trash. Finding trash strewn about lawns is the most damming evidence that raccoons have recently raided garbage bins. Property owners may also find the pest's distinctive tracks around receptacles.

raccoons in trash can

Damage & Disease

Aside from making messes, raccoons in trash can damage personal property and spread harmful diseases. The pests are known to carry rabies, which makes approaching them dangerous. They also transmit diseases like leptospirosis, which can affect family pets as well as humans. Furthermore, detecting a raccoon in the trash indicates that a nest has been established somewhere nearby, possibly even inside the house.


Wild raccoons will bite and scratch when confronted. To avoid harm and dangerous diseases, homeowners should never attempt to remove the pests without aid. Instead, contact the experts at Critter Control. Our trained professionals safely remove raccoons in the trash and take care of any further pest problems facing the household.

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