Damage Caused by Rabbits in Yards

Rabbits in the yard like to eat plants and flowers. They also like to chew the bark off young trees, creating rings around the base that stunt tree growth. Rabbit urine and feces burn grass, making lawns appear unkempt. Furthermore, the pests dig burrows in yards. As they’re nesting, rabbits quickly reproduce, and larger populations can lead to additional problems.

How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard

The pests like to gather in areas where they can easily hide from predators. Property owners should keep cover to a minimum by mowing grass and removing brush, weeds, and junk piles regularly. Both tree protectors and chicken wire placed around plants hinder rabbits’ ability to eat and reduce the likelihood of finding the pests on private properties.

However, prevention methods are not guaranteed to work. In situations when rabbits in yards prove to be particularly persistent or damaging, property owners are best off contacting the wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control.

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