Problems Caused by Rabbits in the Garage

Though rabbits don’t typically take up residence in garages, the pests might wander inside looking for food such as vegetables in garbage bins. While inside, they gnaw on the exposed wiring of vehicles or lawn care equipment and spread their droppings around. Additionally, a rabbit in the garage may burrow underneath the structure, which undermines the structural integrity. The pests can also carry parasites and transmit various diseases like rabbit fever, tick fever, Powassan virus, and rabies.

How to Get Rid of a Rabbit In Your Garage

To reduce the possibility of finding rabbits in garages, homeowners should not leave garage doors open for extended periods of time. Keeping garages tidy and maintaining nearby brush and weeds also makes these areas less favorable to the pests. Since these methods of prevention can have mixed results, individuals may still find rabbits in the garage. When faced with a rabbit problem, residents should contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control for a safe and effective solution.

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