Problems Caused by Rabbits in the House

When wild rabbits enter homes, they can cause several issues. Their urine and feces accumulate quickly and create foul-smelling odors. Furthermore, their excessive chewing damages walls and electrical wiring, which puts houses at elevated risk of fire. Rabbits also host fleas and ticks, which cause skin irritation and spread diseases. The pests are known carriers of tularemia, as well. Symptoms of the disease include ulcers and swollen lymph nodes.

How to Prevent & Remove Rabbits From Your House

Most rabbits live in underground burrows and do not have reason to enter homes. However, they may wander inside by accident or to escape from predators if a door or the garage is left open. Therefore, to prevent entry, homeowners should not leave doors without screens open. If residents encounter a rabbit in the house, they should contact Critter Control. Our rabbit control technicians can locate and humanely remove the pests.

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