What Does a Rabbit Look Like?

Rabbits are easily identified due to their long ears, large eyes, and short, fluffy tails. These pests typically look reddish brown or gray in color and a little more than a foot in length. As the weather gets colder, their fur tends to darken and get longer. Rabbits are prolific breeders and can produce as many as seven litters a year. Each baby rabbit is born blind and without fur, but becomes independent within four weeks and is able to breed at two to three months old.

Common Habitats

Able to live in numerous habitats, rabbits frequent meadows, farmlands, orchards, and suburban parks and neighborhoods. They prefer areas that provide coverage such as undergrowth and brush or fence lines dotted with shrubbery. A rabbit will build its nest in a burrow created by another animal instead of building its own. Easy sources of food, like home gardens and farmland, are always enticing to these pests.

Control & Removal

Fencing can help keep rabbits away, though they are adept at getting under such barriers, especially when given enough time. Scare devices, dogs, and certain repellents may also work, but are never completely fool-proof. In order to properly identify and remove rabbit infestations from the premises, contact the wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control.

Rabbit Pictures

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