Problems Cause by Rabbits in Gardens

Since gardens provide rabbits with their main food sources, the pests can be found infesting residential lawns year-round. They target young buds and saplings and stunt the growth of garden plants. Rabbits also have a serious effect on crop yields, as they eat anything from peas and beans to clover and various species of flowering plants. Finally, infestations of rabbits in gardens make residents susceptible to tularemia, a disease also known as rabbit fever.

How to Remove Rabbits From Your Garden

Concerned gardeners and landowners can employ preventative measures to reduce the possibility of rabbits attacking their plants. The pests find some vegetation unfavorable, such as forsythias, lilac bushes, marigolds, zinnias, daffodils, lavender, and snapdragons. Planting these in gardens helps keep rabbits away. Additionally, maintaining yards and keeping weeds short makes gardens less favorable to the pests.

Prevention methods don’t always work. People who want guaranteeing and immediate results when it comes to rabbits in the garden should contact the professionals at Critter Control. Our technicians will deal with rabbit infestations quickly and humanely.

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