How Do I Remove Opossums from Under My Home?

Unwelcome Guests

Finding opossums under the house is becoming more common as the pests adapt to the loss of their natural habitat. These animals eat almost anything and reproduce quickly, making their presence unwanted around homes.

Problem Areas

Homeowners who want to protect their property should be on the lookout for opossums. Under sheds and decks, the pests build nests where they take shelter and raise their young. They prefer these enclosed spaces because they're safe from predators and harsh weather.

Once these burrows are established, it can be hard to discourage the pests. This is unfortunate given the host of problems they cause. Infestations bring animal waste and parasites close to home. Additionally, opossums under decks and sheds can carry leptospirosis and salmonellosis.

Parasites and Infection

When pet food and water dishes are left outdoors, an opossum can contaminate them with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis, or EPM. These pests also carry a large number of ticks and fleas, which can be spread to dogs or cats.

Exclusion from Denning Sites

Fences are sometimes used to prevent opossums from entering a property. Around the home, hardware cloth can secure entry points. Additionally, keeping problem areas well-lit at night may scare the pests away. When all else fails, call Critter Control for the efficient removal of opossums from under sheds, decks, or houses.

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