Reputation and Reality

Marmots, those large members of the squirrel family, are more famous for their roly-poly bodies and appetite for plants than for any noises they make. This quiet reputation is at odds with reality. In fact, the animals make enough noise to earn the nickname whistle pig. The disparity might be due to the fact that marmot sounds are often mistaken for something else.

Sounds Marmots Make

The most common marmot noise is a chirp, which is a brief blast of piercing sound similar to a bird chirping. Frightened marmots increase the speed of these chirps into a series called a trill. When extremely scared, a marmot call can even sound like a human scream. The closer the danger, the shorter the call. Presumably this is because the animal has less time to make noise and wants to beat a hasty retreat. There’s even a marmot sound called a chuck, which has led to yet another nickname for the animals, rockchuck.

Preventing Damage

When burrowing animals are damaging a yard, listening for marmot sounds can offer a clue to their identity. Prevention and removal of marmots is tricky business, often best left to a professional. The experts at Critter Control can make sure marmots, and all their various sounds, leave a yard for good.

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