Detecting a Marmot Infestation

Marmots are burly, medium-sized rodents that dig burrows in yards. As adult marmots spend a great deal of time basking in the sun during the day, residents often happen upon these pests. An infestation problem can also be identified by the presence of marmot tracks.

What Do Marmot Tracks Look Like?


With four toes on their front feet and five on their back feet, marmot footprints are easy to recognize. They measure about one and a half inches long and may or may not feature claw marks. Additionally, the pads of their front feet leave a distinct impression with three different circles.


These pests hibernate in the winter, so people are unlikely to find marmot tracks in the snow. The ground around tunnel holes, soft garden soil, or muddy areas are the best places to spot marmot prints.

Responding to Marmot Tracks in the Yard

These rodents can be destructive. Their burrows ruin landscaping and create tripping hazards. The pests also eat garden vegetables and can bring disease-causing parasites into yards.

If you find marmot tracks on your property, contact Critter Control. Our technicians can safely and humanely remove marmots in the yard.

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