Where to Look for Marmot Droppings

While droppings are usually a sign of pest infestation, that’s not the case for marmots. With these animals, homeowners won’t find marmot poop in the usual places. The pests are skilled burrowers, and their underground dwellings serve many purposes. Marmots eat, sleep, and defecate in their tunnels.

Marmot Latrines

Marmot burrows have separate chambers for waste. The pests use these spaces to deposit their droppings in safety, then close them off when they’re full of marmot poop and dig a new latrine. This keeps yards free from their feces, though the burrow openings can still be tripping hazards for people and pets.

How to Spot a Marmot Infestation

Luckily, marmot droppings aren’t the only way to locate these pests. Though they tend to be private about their scat, these animals are much less careful when gathering food. They often forage above ground during the day. Homeowners dealing with marmots can contact the pest experts at Critter Control.

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