Where Do Swallows Live in the Wild?

Eight varieties of swallows thrive in North America. Of these species, barn and cliff swallows come into conflict with people most often. In nature, the pests prefer bluffs, canyons, and caves. Human structures like buildings and bridges expand the swallow habitat, allowing these birds to live in suburban and urban areas as well.

Swallow Habitats

Swallows live close to water when they can find good shelter. As a result, houses near streams, ponds, and rivers are the ideal swallow habitat. The birds build their nests on overhangs and rafters that shield them from the elements.

Managing Swallows

These birds tend to reuse their nests year after year, so they might become a long-term issue. Those living near swallow habitats who notice nests around their homes should contact Critter Control. Trained technicians can safely deter swallows and work to prevent their return.

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