U.S. Swallow Species

Seven types of swallows live in North America. Of these species, only a few are a regular problem for residents. Cliff, tree, and barn swallows nest close to houses and cause issues with damage, parasites, and diseases.

Different Types of Swallows in Neighborhoods

Cliff Swallows

This swallow species lives on structures. Their gourd-shaped nests appear on vertical walls that have overhead protection like bridges and barns. Cliff swallow droppings can pose a health hazard and are unsightly.

Tree Swallows

Although less common, the tree swallow species sometimes nests in holes in buildings if marshes and fields are not available. Homeowners are likely to hear these birds chirping loudly in the early morning or notice damage to gardens when tree swallows eat berries.

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows rely on buildings for nesting. Eaves and docks are popular sites for this type of swallow as many provide sheltered ledges. Large colonies bring the risk of disease and damage.

Removing Swallows

These swallow species stay near people to avoid predators and often return to the same nesting sites for multiple seasons. As a result, removal efforts may prove unsuccessful. To deter them from eaves and ledges, try using bird netting.

Since swallows are federally protected, contact Critter Control to manage these birds.

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