Swallows nest close to homes for protection from larger birds. While living near houses keeps the pests safe, residents face serious health concerns. Swallow droppings can spread infection and ruin property.

Where Is Swallow Poop Found?

Adult swallows remove their babies’ waste to avoid attracting predators. However, as young swallows mature, they begin to defecate over the edge of the nest. As a result, swallow feces ends up in yards near doors and windows.

Problems with Swallow Droppings

These pests carry a variety of pathogens in their waste that can affect humans. People who ingest Salmonella bacteria or even inhale Histoplasma mold spores are at risk for disease. Also, the birds’ feces damage paint, metal, and siding.

Dealing with Swallows

Many factors make swallow control tough. These birds feed on insects and plants, which are readily available in yards, and simply fly over fences. To avoid issues with swallow droppings, call on the experts at Critter Control.

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