Swallows are nuisance birds that gather around yards and homes. The pests build muddy nests out of twigs, leaves, and trash. Not only are swallow nests unsightly, but they can harm structures and lead to hazards for homeowners.

Where to Find Swallow Nests on Houses

Favorite swallow nesting sites include homes, barns, and sheds. The pest birds attach their domed nests to vertical walls. Areas with a ledge or overhang nearby are common targets, as they provide shelter from the elements. Be sure to check awnings, eaves, and rafters.

Issues with Swallow Nests

Damage to Homes

A swallow nest on the house may be ugly but harmless, or it can be a serious problem, depending on its location. Nests in vents can block ducts, creating a fire hazard or ventilation problems.

Potential Parasites

Swallows are hosts for disease-causing parasites. The birds will abandon their colonies when populations of fleas, mites, and ticks in nesting materials become too great, leaving the parasites behind. As a result, having swallow nests on the home increases the risk of infestation and the spread of illness.


Even apart from their nests, swallows are unwelcome houseguests. The pests have corrosive droppings and create a commotion with their loud calls. To safely and effectively manage the birds, contact a local Critter Control agent. Expert wildlife technicians are ready to help.

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