Pack rats do not hibernate. They are active year round and build complex nests to survive colder weather.

Do Pack Rats Hibernate?

Woodrats are also known for their building skills. Their complex nests are created from sticks, bark, rocks, bones, leaves, and urine.

These elaborate structures are needed because a pack rat doesn’t hibernate. The rodents are active year-round, which is why they must insulate themselves when temperatures drop and keep food caches nearby.

What Are Pack Rats?

Commonly referred to as pack rats, woodrats are small rodents with hairy tails, fine fur, and large ears. They are named for their strange habit of gathering glass, jewelry, and ot her shiny objects to hoard in their nests.

Pack Rat Damage

Pack rat nests can become massive, foul-smelling homes for other pests like cockroaches, rats, and spiders. Additionally, pack rats may gnaw on wires and rip open furniture or pull apart carpets in search of nesting material.

Exclusion & Prevention

Rodent-proofing houses will generally keep these pests out. Homeowners should seal cracks and plug any gaps in screens, paying special attention to favorite spots like crawl spaces, basements, and attics. In order to safely remove a pack rat infestation, contact the professionals at Critter Control.

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