Finding Pack Rats in Vehicles

Eight species of woodrats, more commonly known as pack rats, can be found throughout the United States. These pests thrive anywhere from dry deserts to lush forests. They build their nests in empty animal burrows, caves, and vacant buildings. Pack rats are even attracted to parked cars as nesting sites.

Identifying Pack Rat Nests

As their name implies, these pests like to gather interesting items like keys, bits of tin foil, or jewelry. These finds are then brought back to their burrows, which have two separate areas: the nest, where they raise their young, and the midden, which is built from plants, waste, and the objects they collect. Pack rat homes can reach four feet high and eight feet across.

Damage Caused

In addition to constructing their large, smelly nests, pack rats in cars:

  • Shred upholstery to collect material for their midden
  • Gnaw on wires, which can lead to electrical shorts
  • Carry a number of parasites like fleas, mites, ticks, and lice.

Prevention & Removal

To keep pack rats out of vehicles, make sure that windows are rolled up and all doors seal properly. Cleaning out clutter also makes vehicles less attractive to these pests. Be sure to regularly check for nests under the hood and in the seats of cars in long-term storage.

Pack rats also attract many types of predators, including snakes and coyotes. As such, it can be dangerous to allow the pests to remain. If pack rats in cars are causing trouble, contact Critter Control. A team of professionals will remove the infestation and offer tips to avoid future problems.

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