The Lasting Threat of Pack Rat Feces

More than simple waste material, pack rat droppings are a part of the animals’ nest-building strategy, in which they:

  • Assemble various lengths of sticks
  • Use pack rat poop to bind them together
  • Finish by spraying their viscous urine to act as a sealant.

These debris piles, called middens, are so durable that paleontologists study them to learn more about the distant past. This means that pack rat feces are likely here to stay once they are left behind.

Where It’s Found

These rodents, also called woodrats, are likely to live and leave their droppings just about anywhere. This includes locations that hit close to home like attics, sheds, and even vehicles.

Health Risks

Woodrat droppings can be full of health-compromising bacteria. When middens are built in close proximity to humans, there is an increased risk of exposure. Since these rodents rarely travel more than 20 yards from their nests, one is likely nearby if a homeowner sees a pack rat.

To protect household residents from danger, contact the professionals at Critter Control at the first sign of pack rat infestation.

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