Finding Pack Rats in the Attic

Pack rats mainly nest in trees but are also drawn to parts of homes that see little use. This can lead them to attics.

The odds and ends stored in these spaces may also be appealing to a pack rat. The pests earned their name from their practice of collecting shiny objects like bits of foil, screws, bottle caps, coins, and jewelry.

Problems with Nests

Once pack rats are in an attic, they construct unique, two-chambered homes. One half, the nest, is where the rodents give birth to and raise their young. The other half, called the midden, is a haphazard collection of feces, plants, and dried urine. It is in the middle of this mess that a pack rat hoards its found treasures.

Damage Control

Nests made from feces and urine are clearly undesirable to have in the attic. Not only do they smell, but they often give other pests, like fleas and cockroaches, a place to live. Pack rats in the attic also engage in other typical rodent behavior such as chewing on wires and shredding insulation. For help with removal, contact Critter Control.

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