Damage Caused by Norway Rats

Norway rat damage is easy to differentiate from that of similar species, as these robust rodents are uniquely capable of compromising the structure of a home with their burrowing. In fact, this behavior can also lead to the undermining of seawalls.

Additionally, all rodents have an excessive need to chew, as they must keep their incisors at the appropriate length. Finding gnawed household items, such as stored packages, wires, and even walls, is a typical indicator of Norway rat damage.

Norway Rat Problems

Known for their filth, these pests contaminate everything from pantries to attics with their urine and feces. Norway rats are also responsible for spreading diseases such as leptospirosis and rat bite fever.

Signs of Norway Rat Infestation

To reduce the amount of damage, residents must be aware of infestations. Some of the most common signs include:

  • The sight of droppings along runways and near shelter areas
  • Smudge marks on walls and beams, which are a result of the Norway rats’ fur rubbing against surfaces
  • Burrows, usually found near the perimeter of homes or under bushes
  • Visible chew marks on walls, wires, or doors
  • The sound of scratching or climbing inside walls, especially during evening hours

Rat Control & Removal

When the signs of infestation and damage are clear, homeowners must take appropriate action. Removal is most effective when the professionals at Critter Control are contacted, as they have the expertise and experience to remove Norway rats and prevent future damage.

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