Are There Norway Rats in the Yard?

Also called brown rats or sewer rats, Norway rats are burrowing pests by nature and commonly occupy yards and lawns. Norway rats in yards can become major nuisances due to their tunneling in or near gardens. Homeowners also have to deal with the pests’ propensity to move indoors, usually in search of additional food.

Problems Caused by Norway Rats

These pests often make their presence known by damaging lawns and landscaping. Signs of a Norway rat in the yard can include:

  • Worn down vegetation under rock or wood piles and near garbage cans or compost heaps
  • Small, dark-colored droppings with blunt ends
  • Gnawed wood or garden vegetables
  • Evidence of digging, especially around building foundations or under concrete

In addition to harming property, these pests are carriers of various diseases and parasites that can affect both humans and pets.

Effective Control and Removal

Once it’s clear that Norway rats are in the yard, contacting a professional pest removal specialist is crucial. Store-bought traps are only as effective as their placement and can become extremely expensive, not to mention unpleasant to deal with once a rat has been caught.

Habitat modification can help in the short term, so remove brush piles, secure trash can lids, and get rid of any other source of food from the yard. Let the rodent experts at Critter Control take care of the rest.

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