An Unpopular Pest

Muscovy ducks are unwelcome just about everywhere they go. Maybe it’s their aggressive, territorial nature. Maybe it’s their homely, red-faced appearance. It could be their reputation as an invasive species that depletes natural resources and forces out native animals. Curiously, some people think there’s one good place for a Muscovy duck: in gardens.

Muscovy Ducks in the Garden as Pest Control

This school of thought says allowing Muscovy ducks in gardens is beneficial, because they will eat bugs and grubs that feed on and weaken plants. This is true to a degree, but ignores the fact that ducks will also mix garden crops into their diet. Plus, once they have eaten all the bugs, they will focus solely on eating plants.

Feeding, Filth, and Other Damage

There is much for a Muscovy duck in the garden to feast on, including leaves, berries, lettuce, and other vegetables. They also uproot whole plants or trample them underfoot. The pests can foul an entire harvest by leaving droppings indiscriminately. For these reasons, it is rarely worth the risk to use the birds as insect control for gardens. When property owners need assistance ridding the lawn and garden of Muscovy ducks, the experts at Critter Control can help.

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