Do Muscovy Ducks Make Noise?

Located mostly in southern Texas, flocks of Muscovy ducks are also found in some parts of Florida living near bodies of water and wooded areas. Ducks are often social and highly vocal animals, so they can be noisy pests to have around the yard. However, the same can’t be said for Muscovies.

Muscovy Duck Sounds

Muscovy duck noises are rarely heard. These birds refrain from vocalization unless there’s good reason to do so. When startled, they quack in an attempt to ward off threats and warn nearby ducks. During other times of discomfort, Muscovy duck calls take the form of croaks and groans. To signal ducklings, mothers will emit soft coos, while males hiss or emit puffing sounds during courtship. Although flight isn’t common with Muscovy ducks, sounds similar to a low-pitched whooshing are produced when they flap their large wings.

Problems and Removal

When it comes to the Muscovy duck, noises aren’t usually the issue that bothers people. When alarmed or agitated, the pests may either escape into nearby water or violently repel attackers. Male ducks, called drakes, are especially aggressive, biting and scratching to protect their territory against rival males, predators, or even humans and pets. They are also known for crushing plants, grazing in gardens, and leaving behind excessive droppings. If issues become unbearable with Muscovy ducks, call the experienced technicians at Critter Control for safe and humane removal.

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