Muscovy Duck Behavior

Despite their large flocks, Muscovy ducks are typically very silent. In fact, these birds only use vocalization for specific events. Mothers and ducklings converse using low frequency calls, whereas partners interact with hissing noises. Communication during mating is usually followed by a series of other sounds, including bill clapping and tail wagging. However, these noises are rarely the cause of homeowners’ complaints when it comes to these temperamental birds.

Do Muscovy Ducks Attack?

Muscovy duck behavior can quickly turn violent as flocks compete for space and resources. Being territorial in nature, they often become aggressive towards people and pets as well. When a perceived threat approaches the group, the ducks freeze and call out in alarm. Muscovy duck attacks are not uncommon, nor as benign as they might sound. The ducks will use their wings, claws, and beaks to deter intruders, and the commotion caused by a whole flock of angry, protective ducks can be quite disorienting and frightening. If mean and aggressive Muscovy ducks are making it impossible to enjoy the backyard, contact the pest professionals at Critter Control.

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