What Do Deer Look Like?

Deer are lean, long-legged mammals. Their typical coloring ranges from reddish-brown to gray-brown with cream-colored undersides. Male deer may also be identified by their impressive antlers. These large pests stand three feet tall at the shoulder and approximately six feet long from nose to tail. Graceful and fast, deer are timid around humans. People appreciate these animals’ beauty and gentle nature, but are aggravated by their tendency to eat garden and landscape plants.

Where Are They Found?

Deer prefer to live in densely wooded areas, but are also found in wetlands, grasslands, and mountain regions. As land development encroaches on these natural habitats, they have become increasingly common in residential areas. Active and social, deer travel in groups, spending their days foraging for food. While deer may look like elk, moose, and other herd animals, they invade residential yards in the U.S. more commonly than their similar-looking counterparts.

Problems Caused by Deer

Large deer populations near people lead to roadway accidents. The pests’ skittishness causes them to take off in unpredictable directions, leaving drivers with only seconds to respond. Collisions with deer cause major damage to vehicles and can be fatal to people. In addition, the pests carry black-legged ticks. These parasites are vectors for Lyme disease, an illness that can lead to serious neurological problems and heart damage. Yard and plant damage are also caused by deer, as they feed on young vegetation. Critter Control can assist in identifying and excluding deer from vulnerable properties.

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