Why Deer Repellents and Deterrents Fail

Since property owners throughout the United States are desperate to keep deer away from yards and gardens, there are many deer repellants and deterrents on the market. However, neither store-bought solutions nor homemade remedies work as effective, long-term solutions to deer problems.

For example, though chemical pellets and sprays may combat deer presence, they are also extremely toxic to the environment, pets, and children. These products are also time-consuming, as they must be frequently reapplied.

Fencing is another popular deer deterrent. Since the pests can jump almost eight feet high, however, fences must either be very tall or slanted to keep them out. Electric fencing is an option, as well, but this method is expensive and still might not stop deer from getting onto yards. Finally, scare tactics like flashing lights may keep the pests away for a bit, but deer eventually become accustomed to these deterrents.

Effective Prevention & Removal

The best approach to removing deer from yards and gardens is to consult professional wildlife control. Experts from Critter Control will ensure any existing deer problems are eliminated and strive to prevent future issues. Instead of wasting time and money using homemade or store-bought deer repellents and deterrents, property owners should contact the experts to avoid costly destruction to their yards and homes.

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