Ticks on Deer

Ticks, particularly blacklegged ticks, use deer as hosts since the large animals provide consistent access to blood meals. When deer gather in the wooded areas surrounding residential neighborhoods, on farmlands, and on private properties, they can bring tick infestations with them. Since blacklegged ticks are notorious for carrying Lyme disease, this jeopardizes the well-being of people who live nearby.

Prevention & Removal

Taking preventative measures to keep deer out of yards also decreases the likelihood of encountering tick infestations. Erecting fences or planting strongly scented herbs in gardens, such as garlic, chive, and mint, can help keep deer away. Homeowners should also be sure to replace broken window and door screens, as well as fill cracks in building foundations, to reduce the possibility of letting ticks inside.

The best way to rid yards of deer and ticks is to contact the wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control. Our professional technicians can remove deer, and any ticks attached to the pests, safely and effectively.

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