Coyote Problems

Since coyotes are largely afraid of humans, attacks are rare, but they do occur. In most cases, coyote bites are the result of people attempting to feed the pests, as coyotes get nervous when approached by humans.

Coyotes also prey on cats and small dogs, forage in gardens for fruits and vegetables, knock over trash bins looking for meals, and eat pet food that’s been left out overnight. The pests can spread diseases like distemper, hepatitis, mange, rabies, and tularemia.

Control & Removal

Given the risk of physical injury and disease transmission, people should never approach coyotes. If property owners encounter the pests on their lawns or in their neighborhoods, the best way to handle the situation is to contact professional wildlife control.

The wildlife technicians at Critter Control know how to safely remove coyotes and the potential dangers the pests can pose. Our coyote removal experts can also offer tips on how to avoid contact with the animals in the future.

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