Coyote Damage & Problems

Though they typically avoid human interaction, coyotes have adapted to living in residential areas. Property owners often find the pests lurking in their backyards, as these spaces offer consistently available food sources. Coyotes in the backyard forage in gardens for fruits and vegetables, prey on tiny mammals such as squirrels and rabbits, and consume pet food left outside.

Additionally, the pests attack household pets like cats and small dogs, if given the opportunity. Their presence is also linked to the spread of diseases, such as hepatitis, tularemia, and rabies, and coyotes carry parasites like ticks and fleas.

Coyote Control in Yard

People should not feed a coyote in the backyard under any circumstances, as this encourages the pests to take up residence in the area. To reduce the possibility of attracting coyotes, property owners should erect fences and remove available food sources.Monitoring pets while outside is also a good idea.

If you encounter a coyote in the backyard, contact Critter Control for professional coyote trapping and removal services.

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