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If you find animal droppings or feces somewhere in or around your home, chances are you've got a nuisance animal problem and need a professional to remove animal droppings. Most commonly people find rodent droppings in kitchens, animal droppings in basement, garages, animal droppings in attics and rodent droppings in home. Animal droppings in basement areas can also be problematic. If you have found animal droppings in any of these areas of your home, it is best to contact a Critter Control professional to help inspect the situation and safely remove animal droppings to get rid  of animal dropping hazards.

Rodent Droppings in Kitchens

When rats and mice infest homes, they will typically head to the kitchen in search of food and thats why you often find rodent droppings in kitchens.  You may find rodent droppings in your pantry, under your sink or in kitchen cabinets. If rat or mouse droppings are found anywhere near food, it is best to dispose of all nearby food products that may have been contaminated, as rodent droppings in home can lead to animal dropping hazards. The rodent droppings will also need to be removed and the area decontaminated to prevent any health problems from the droppings.

Animal Droppings in Garages

Animal droppings in garages are usually from raccoons, field mice or rats. Just like having rodent droppings in kitchens, animals will enter garages in search of food. You may find raccoon, rat or mice droppings in hidden areas, including corners of the garage, behind insulation, along walls, under shelves or around garbage cans. If you find animal droppings in these or other areas of your garage, call a Critter Control office to assist in eliminating the animal problem. Critter Control will identify the point of entry within the garage, trap the unwanted animals and clean up the droppings.

Animal Droppings in Atticsanimal droppings in attic

If you think that animals may have invaded the attic of your home, it is very possible they are making a mess up there and leaving animal droppings. Animals such as birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels and rodents are known to nest in attics, destroying insulation, chewing wires and, most of all, leaving a mess of droppings. You may find droppings excluded to a particular area of the attic, or spread out throughout, depending on the animal. Raccoons, for example, will designate an area to use as a latrine and will nest on the opposite side of the attic. Animal droppings in attics can become overwhelming, especially if the droppings have matted down the insulation, ultimately affecting the heating and cooling of your home.

Animal Dropping Hazards

When animal droppings are present in or around homes, it is important to have an experienced professional assist in cleanup and decontamination. Droppings from different animals can present a host of problems. Raccoon droppings are known to contain parasites, like roundworm. Rodent droppings can contain the Hantavirus if the rats or mice are infected with the disease. Bat and bird droppings can cause Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease caught by breathing in spores. With these and other hazards, it is best to have a professional implement effective cleanup methods to keep your family safe and prevent health problems.

For the removal of animal droppings in your home from raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels, birds or bats, contact Critter Control in your area.

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Excellent customer service! Last week we realized a family of cute birds were nesting in our roof soffit. The nest was right above our deck, and they were getting aggressive with our dogs and us. A super friendly service coordinator answered the phone right away. She was able to get us scheduled for the next day. The tech showed up on time, in a freak April snowstorm! He quickly addressed the issue, thoroughly explained what he did and when he would be back. He showed up right on time again, made sure our squatting birds were gone for good and completed the permanent fix where they were accessing the soffit. Probably one of the easiest service calls we’ve ever had! Thank you!
We had a nuisance woodpecker driving us insane drumming on the metal chimney cap. We called Brittni and she provided detailed information over the phone as to estimated costs and methods used. She promptly followed up everything with a detailed email. Scheduling was easy. Terrance was on-time and very pleasant to work with. He inspected the chimney for damage and for evidence of nests = none found! He installed two deterrents and wa on his way! Highly recommend!
Very professional service, wonderful people, pricey
As a builder, it is always nice to work with professional outfits that show up when they say and do a nice Job. This is an excellent team and I would recommend them to anyone with critter issues. Terry Artisan Custom Homes LLC.
Great responsiveness to requests, and excellent service. Our company will definitely use CC of Savannah again should the need arise.
Always appreciate your great service!!
They kept us informed every day and they were very professional. Will definitely use them again if needed.
Fast, efficient service. PLUS I haven't seen a rabbit since the application. I will be thrilled if it lasts all summer!!
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Great customer service -- know their business.
Michelle and George are superstars! Very professional and friendly - they do outstanding work - highly recommend their services.
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2nd continuous year of service by Critter Control. Plan and explanations are excellent, good customer service.
The service was great
Terrance has been a pleasure to work with. He's polite, and responsive. He's answered all my questions, and has done good work. We are quite pleased with Critter Control of Central, Ma. While we hope we won't need to call again, we won't hesitate to if we need to.
Very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the personnel that inspected our home. They fully explained how to rectify our issue.
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The best experience! Your technicians were wonderful!...highly professional, responsive to our concerns, helpful and knowledgable! We will continue to be a return customer for sure! Thank you!
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We just had Critter Control come out to catch another squirrel that breached our house trim. They chewed through the wood. We caught two squirrels. They then came back and replaced the wood trim with a piece of metal and painted it the same color as the rest of our trim. Looks really good. They do it all!! Highly recommend Critter Control!!
Very knowledgeble and helpful. Thanks!
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