Opossum Control & Removal for Richmond

Biology and Habits

Opossums are very unique animals. They hold the distinction of being the only marsupial (pouched mammal) in North America, and – with fifty teeth in their mouths – also hold the distinction of having the most teeth of any North American land mammal. Opossums are active at night.

They will eat just about anything that can even be remotely considered food. They are very fond of carrion, insects, pet food, fruit, and bread. They commonly get into trash cans and dumpsters looking for a meal. They will patrol the streets looking for road killed animals to make a meal of.

They breed in late winter and again in summer. After a 13 day gestation, a litter of tiny babies is born. They crawl through the mother’s fur and into a pouch on her belly where they nurse and continue their development for another 7-8 weeks. Once they emerge from the pouch, they will remain with the mother for several more weeks, often riding on her back as she makes her nightly rounds.

Baby opossums leave the care of their mothers while still very small. Baby opossums only 6 or 7 inches long are already living entirely on their own. Many do not survive. Opossums get around this problem by having a lot of young. Litter sizes of 6-12 are common.

Damage and Hazards

Opossums are more of a nuisance than a real danger. They are very common in urban and suburban settings, and we even get a few calls each year to remove them from downtown!

Opossums will readily move into crawl spaces and attics to use them as dens. They will also live under decks and sheds. Baby opossums born in crawl spaces may crawl up through holes cut in the floor for the kitchen pipes and forage for food inside the house. Opossums under the house may damage insulation and sometimes cause foul odors.

They will eagerly eat any pet food left out and are known to enter pet doors to get a meal. Many people who encounter an opossum at night are surprised when the opossum does not run away, and are concerned that this may be a sign of illness. It is, in fact, normal opossum behavior.

Opossums are very slow (top running speed is about 7 miles per hour) so their defense is to open their mouths as wide as possible, hiss, sometimes emit a foul odor, and in extreme cases, play dead.

They will defend themselves if attacked, and occasionally an overly zealous dog will be injured after encountering an opossum.

Rabies is not usually a problem with opossums.


Opossums are not wary and are easily lured into cage traps. In the case of opossums living in a building, it is important that all possible entryways into the building be found and secured to prevent new opossums from reentering in the future. Opossums can be kept from getting under sheds and decks by installing fencing around the bottom edges and burying the fence underground. Pet food should not be left out where opossums can get it.

Trash containing food should be put into tight cans. Compost piles should be kept free of food scraps. Even with these precautions, opossums may come around on occasion. Just remember that they are very plentiful in our neighborhoods, and for the most part are gentle, harmless animals.

Critter Control Reviews

Robert B.
Full service. Excellent job of extracting raccoon, cleaning all animal waste, sanitizing, and spraying anti-parasitic substance. They closed all potential ports of entry, though the work did not match the vinyl, and it looks kind of tacky. They added blown insulation, which added a lot to the cost. They provide a one year warranty against animal intrusion, with an option to extend the warranty at the end of each one- year period. They were willing to work with me one the price. I will probably extend my warranty, and will definitely use them it the future.
Gene F.
I was really impressed by these guys. Got a call within a few hours of making an inquiry. Had a rep out to inspect the situation by the end of the week, and when they laid out the timeline they kept if not exceeded listed times.

Rob, Travis, and Jim were all professional, polite, and courteous and after months of hearing squirrels in my ceiling they are gone and the repair to my flashing looks excellent. Can't recommend these guys enough.
Bob I.

Jeff was incredibly professional and helpful. I'll use them again and would recommend them to anyone.
-Detroit, MI
Richard L.

Critter Control did a great job of evaluating our house for sites of entry after we found bats and a squirrel in our attic. They completed their work promptly and professionally.
-Seattle, WA
Kenneth H.
We heard some noise from the corner of our house. Concerned that it could be inside we called for an inspection. Jessy arrived as scheduled and conducted a complete inspection of our home. Based on a recording we made he determined we had a tree frog on our roof. I was pleased that we didn’t have any rodent in our house. And his inspection could a few spots I can tighten up around my house. I am very happy with the outcome.
-New Hampshire
Lee F.
We have a vacation home in Western Mass and haven’t been there much during the pandemic as we live and work in Atlanta, GA. On our most recent visit we noticed that we had some rodent intrusion as well as some un-welcomed wildlife who decided to make our vacation home their home.

We contacted Critter Control and Mr. Cahoon was quick to set up an appointment as we wouldn’t be in town very long. He came out and assessed our issues. He informed us of our options to both eradicate and control future intrusions. Keeping in mind that wildlife is wildlife! He quickly got to work eradicating the rodents and wildlife from our home and addressing the intrusion issues. We feel much better leaving our vacation home for periods at a time knowing that Mr. Cahoon and Critter Control did their job and did it right! Thanks again!
Mary L.
We bought an old cabin last spring , it was used for years as a summer vacation cabin, therefore maintenance wasn’t a priority. After our project to remodel started, we found evidence of mice droppings.

We immediately called Critter Control and they came and gave us a reasonable estimate to remove all remnants and insulation. They sanitized and replaced with new insulation and sealing up points of entry .

Seeing their professional work made us feel confident and secure that the problem was solved ! Everyone we worked with continued to show professional and respectful work. Highly recommend this company! We continue to use critter control monthly to be sure we are mice and bug free!
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