Wildlife Pests in Denton

Between year-round warm weather and little rainfall, Denton, TX, offers an ideal place for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, wildlife pests benefit from the predictable climate as much as people. Residents spot all kinds of animals around the city and in their own backyards.

Raccoon Habitats

Like most mammals, female raccoons must always look out for protected places to give birth and raise their young. These nuisances see voids under porches and decks as prime real estate. Infestations in or around Texas homes heighten the risk of contracting harmful infections such as rabies and raccoon roundworm.

Bats and Disease

Bat colonies living close to humans come with the threat of illness as well. Denton County generally records several cases of rabies in bats each year. These animals can transmit the virus through bites and scratches. As such, humans should avoid contact with the pests and seek help with excluding any bats indoors.

The Trouble with Squirrels

The fox squirrel lives throughout Texas in yards and neighborhoods. These rodents often carry ticks and mites in their fur, bringing the parasites within biting distance of people. Squirrels also make a lot of noise throughout the day, dig up yards, and break into attics.

Urban Coyotes

In the wild, coyotes are averse to human contact. The search for food and loss of their natural habitat is what leads them closer to backyards and homes.

Coyotes are rarely hostile to humans, but unattended cats and dogs can become prey. Garbage, gardens, and compost bins can also lure a coyote to residential areas.

Fox in the City

These animals have also adapted well to Denton suburbs. Both coyotes and foxes can be useful in neighborhoods because they prey on rodents and other pests. However, a fox will seek out food that presents minimal risk for a reward, so easy meals like trash or pet food will always be their first choice.

Despite their friendly, dog-like appearance, coyotes and foxes shouldn't be approached or intentionally fed. Both pests are at high risk for rabies, which can be spread through a single bite.

More Wildlife Issues

Residents of Denton also contend with rabbit and rat infestations. Rabbits eat garden produce and strip the bark from trees, while rats sneak inside homes and taint pantry goods with their waste. In addition, both animals may attract large predators to yards.

Common Wildlife Issues in this Location

  • Animal Damage
  • Animal Droppings
  • Animal Noises
  • Animal Odor Removal
  • Animals on the Roof
  • Animals Under Homes & Porches
  • Bats in Homes
  • Bats in the Attic
  • Carcass Removal from Homes
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Humane Animal Trapping
  • Mice in Walls & Attics
  • Raccoon Trapping
  • Raccoons in Attic
  • Rats in Walls & Attics:
  • Seal Animal Entry Points in Homes
  • Skunk Control
  • Skunk Trapping
  • Skunks Under Heating Units
  • Squirrel Trapping
  • Squirrels in Attics
  • Squirrels in Homes
  • Venomous Snake Removal

Residential Services

We provide trapping & removal services for the following types of animals:

  • Armadillos
  • Badger
  • Bats
  • Beavers
  • Bees
  • Birds
  • Blackbirds
  • Bobcat
  • Chipmunks
  • Coyote
  • Crows
  • Deer
  • Fox
  • Gulls
  • Hornets
  • House Finches
  • Magpies
  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Muskrats
  • NorwayRats
  • Opossums
  • Pack Rats
  • Pigeons
  • Porcupine
  • Rabbits
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Roof Rats
  • Skunks
  • Snakes
  • Sparrow
  • Squirrels
  • Starlings
  • Swallows
  • Voles
  • Weasel
  • Wild Hogs
  • Woodchuck
  • Woodpeckers

Commercial Services

  • Bird Control & Municipal Animal Control


Outstanding service. Cooper was very knowledgeable and good to work with. He answered all of our questions and communicated with us on a regular basis throughout the process. He seemed to care just as much about fixing our critter issue as we did. Also learned a few interesting squirrel facts along the way. Our only regret was that we didn't call Critter Control earlier!
First, allow me to say that I've been with Critter Control for a year now and I've been pleased with the service for the most part. Today however was different. Raymond was my service guy and introduced himself as my new technician going forward. He was very thorough and explained to me how the bait stations worked and even showed me the inside of them. Unfortunately, there was a snake in one of the bait stations and because he knew of my fear, he called for backup to have it removed. He takes great pride in his job and worked diligently until all issues were resolved. Thank You Raymond for your excellence service. You are greatly appreciated! ~Xaviera~
Jack was our Wildlife Damage Control Technician from Critter Control of Dayton. Jack was very professional and explained exactly what he would do and when. He then followed through performing his service for two weeks. Although he did not catch any animals in the two traps he placed on our roof near two holes, he checked them daily, reset them as necessary, verified there were no animals nesting in the holes, and then sealed them with painted steel plates. If anyone has a problem with critters in or around your house, I highly recommend Critter Control as the solution to your problem.
Critter Control came right out and explained what they were going to do, how they would retrieve the squirrel and how they would capture it. I would definitely call on them again!
We had a family of squirrels in our attic. Our technician did an excellent job an over a couple of weeks to eliminate our invasion. He communicated daily including photos to document entry points and his progress. We were very satisfied.
This company has been great. The technician Kensi was very through and checked everywhere to make sure all access points were found. After a skunk was found in the trap on a Saturday morning they came to pick it up very quickly.
Michael was super friendly and knowledgeable. He checked my entire house and recommended and installed the solution within an hour.
We are under contract with your company and so far they are doing a fine job. Many thanks.
Excellent work environment full of presence of God. Professional and dedicated staff. A good place if you want to have your children in a place where Christian values are protected and encouraged.
Great company and amazing service, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you to the staff and especially to Bubba for taking care of my property and giving it that "personal touch" to rid and maintain it from pests and bugs! Appreciate you guys and look forward to continuing business together! Thank you!
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