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Wildlife Issues in Tulsa, OK

As a large metropolitan area, Tulsa, OK, attracts an array of urban wildlife. In Oklahoma, heavy precipitation and extreme weather drive much of the conflict between these pests and people. Such conditions can force animals to move indoors for shelter.

Common local animals include porcupines, raccoons, and skunks. Though beneficial in wilderness areas, they become pests in neighborhoods.

Squirrels in the House

During warm and dry periods, squirrels are mostly content to nest in trees. However, since the Tulsa forecast can change rapidly, the pests may sneak into homes to avoid storms. Once inside, they often decide to stay. Squirrel damage indoors can take a variety of forms, from gnawed wires to shredded insulation.

Oklahoma Bats

While there are many bat species in the state, two of the most troublesome for homeowners are little and big brown bats. These pests will move into houses to overwinter or rest and relax during the warm months. Bats living inside put Tulsa residents at risk for diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis.

Nuisance Raccoons

Tulsa is located in Oklahoma's Cross Timbers region, the best place in the state to find raccoon. These pests cause damage both indoors and outdoors, scrounging for meals in trash cans and sneaking into attics to raise their young.

In addition, a raccoon can pass diseases and parasites to people.

Problem Porcupines

Porcupines forage for foods rich in salt. These pests will eat rose bushes, strip bark from trees, and even chew on tires or destroy outdoor furniture.

Contrary to popular belief, a porcupine can't throw its quills. However, the animal can strike with its quilled tail, causing deep puncture wounds.

Bothersome Skunks

When scared, a striped skunk can spray targets with pungent musk from up to 12 feet away. The pests will also seek shelter under porches and sheds in Tulsa, especially during cold weather.

As the state's most common vector of rabies as well as prey for coyotes and bobcats, skunks can be dangerous to have around homes in Oklahoma.


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