Armadillos were once a species found only in South and Central America, but they have been rapidly migrating northward and can now be found in many U.S. states from Texas and Florida and as far north as Missouri and North Carolina. They have little fat tissue and need water often, so even though they continue to migrate farther north, they can only live in climates that are somewhat warm and humid.

The nine-banded armadillo is the only species to live in the U.S. While their diet rids us of potentially harmful insects such as grubs, spiders, and termites, they will also eat root plants in the garden such as carrots and beets. They dig shallow holes in their search for food and shelter, which mars lawns and upturns garden beds, creating the need for armadillo removal.

Armadillo Removal and Control

Armadillos should never be touched as they can become aggressive. And these nuisance animals are known to carry the bacteria that causes leprosy. Trapping and removal of an armadillo should only be done by a Critter Control professional who can ensure the safety of you and the animal.

The best way to keep armadillos away is to keep your landscape free from heavy brush and wood piles that attract the pests they love to eat. Barriers like fences are helpful, but only when they go below the soil. Armadillos are known for their climbing skills, but they are able to climb. A yard free of the food sources that attract them will make climbing a fence less desirable to them.

Signs of Armadillo in the Yard

Armadillos are mostly nocturnal, so they might be hard to spot on your own. In winter, however, when temperatures are cooler, they will forage during the day. Armadillos need loose soil as they dig with their nose, and any soil that is dense would make it hard for them to dig for food. So the first thing you would notice are shallow holes and upturned plants. Armadillos have a keen sense of smell, and they might be attracted to your yard because of the food sources they can smell.

A professional from Critter Control will be able to identify whether you have an armadillo problem based on signs from their experience and training:

  • A foul smell secreted from glands when scared or marking their territory
  • Uprooted plants that have not been eaten
  • Damaged pavement or broken wires from burrowing under foundations, driveways, or other structures
  • Their distinct nose print



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Jack was our Wildlife Damage Control Technician from Critter Control of Dayton. Jack was very professional and explained exactly what he would do and when. He then followed through performing his service for two weeks. Although he did not catch any animals in the two traps he placed on our roof near two holes, he checked them daily, reset them as necessary, verified there were no animals nesting in the holes, and then sealed them with painted steel plates. If anyone has a problem with critters in or around your house, I highly recommend Critter Control as the solution to your problem.
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