Pigeons in Tallahassee may cause problems because they travel in flocks, and they can create a large mess. If you own a business, flocks of pigeons can inhabit the areas outside of your building, leaving droppings on cars and entrances to your organization. In homes and businesses, they can nest in attics and crawl spaces, leaving behind a mess to clean up in addition to odor and destruction of property.

Tallahassee Pigeon Control

Pigeons are found all over the country and are common in heavily populated urban environments as well as smaller communities. They’re scavengers that will eat just about anything. They’re also a nuisance and potential health hazard when large groups gather. Some people take to feeding pigeons out of habit, but this isn’t a good practice for anyone. Feeding them may cause the population to soar and become unmanageable.

Pigeons are wild birds that will live almost anywhere and are capable of finding food sources wherever available. They’ve been known to pillage food stores of farming complexes and flock over a crowd of people in hopes of snatching dropped food or receiving handouts. When large groups of pigeons gather, they can damage buildings, vehicles, and plant life, and they pose health risks to humans. Not only will pigeon droppings be an unwelcome sight on your windshield; they may spread an extremely dangerous respiratory infection known as histoplasmosis.

Pigeon Control in Tallahassee

The best pigeon control is removing potential food sources. They’ll eventually split up in search of food and thin out their numbers in the area. Pigeon roosts in buildings can be sealed up and cleaned, and any open garbage containers should be sealed.

Infestations require expert attention because they’re one of the most difficult pests to remove. They’re usually accustomed to humans, so scaring them away isn’t as effective as with other bird species. Critter Control in Tallahassee is a pigeon control service you can trust in.

Critter Control has solved animal control issues since 1983, and we employ humane, effective methods for removing pigeons and controlling their populations. If you have an issue with pigeons in your area, Contact Us for more useful tips. Give us a call to set up an appointment, and solve your pigeon issues once and for all.