Bees are quite common, and just about everyone has had a run-in with them at one point or another. While we understand and appreciate all of the hard work that they do for the ecosystem, it is just as important to understand that they do not mix well with humans and when bees are near your home it can be a recipe for disaster that needs to be addressed.

The Danger

Bees typically will not attack people unprovoked, but the problem is that it is easy for them to view you as a threat accidentally. Children playing will often inadvertently get too close to a hive, and the bees inside might perceive it as an attack and swarm to defend the hive. It is crucial to prevent anything like this from happening by exercising caution and knowing the risks.

A bee sting can hold a wide range of severity from a mild irritant to a major allergic reaction, but regardless of how they affect you, one thing to keep in mind is that if bees are swarming and stinging you multiple times the effects will be compounded and significantly worse than an individual sting.

Where Are the Hives?

Knowing where the beehives are commonly located is an easy way to stay alert and cautious. People usually assume that hives are only in trees, but they can be almost anywhere. They can be dangling from a high-up branch, or as close to home as being right on your porch. Hives don’t even need to be suspended in the air as they can be found beneath a bush in the ground. No matter where the hive is, it has no place near your home, and proper measures need to be taken.

Bees can find small holes and build hives within wall cavities, inside your attic, above your ceiling, or inside soffits of your house. Hive inside the building creates additional risks. Bees can find their way inside the living area of your home. The honeycombs will attract other pests like cockroaches, rats, and raccoons. 

Safe Beehive Removal

Bees can be dangerous when left unchecked which is why you should never tolerate a beehive on your property. If the beehive is inside yourhouse, you need to completely remove the nest and honey, clean the area, and repair the damage. 

Because of their dangerous nature, never attempt to deal with bees on your own, but instead, call the experts at Critter Control® in Tallahassee to provide you with a safe and effective solution to your bee issues. Receive your free consultation by calling us today.