Opossums have become plentiful and persistent pests in South Florida. These gray and white marsupials are about three feet long, less than a foot high, and weigh around 10 pounds. With pointy faces, sharp teeth, and small pink or black ears, opossums' rat-like appearance gives them an intimidating aura. The pests often live in wooded areas near water, tall grass, and brush, though they sometimes nest within walls and attics or under decks and porches. Short claws and strong arms make them incredible climbers as well. They can often be seen scaling fences or scurrying up trees.

Opossums in Miami Problems

Common pests in Miami's residential areas, opportunistic opossums tear through trash and scatter the contents in order to find a meal. Pet food, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens are also targeted by these creatures. Females produce litters of up to 11 babies twice per year, so their numbers can increase rapidly. Scratching sounds under the deck or from the ceiling often mean that mothers have moved in to have their young. Furthermore, dung beetles and other insects may be attracted to opossum droppings in yards, causing additional pest infestations.

Getting Rid of Opossums in Miami

One of the best ways to keep opossums out of the garage, attic, or yard is to secure all trash cans with rubber straps or tight-closing lids. Bringing pet food indoors at night and installing a chicken wire fence at least two feet tall around the property may also discourage them. Medium-sized wire cage traps are an option to catch the pests, but their efficiency can be spotty. If opossum infestations are becoming problematic around the yard or house, call Critter Control to safely and humanely remove these troublemakers.

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